4.2 Adding the GroupWise Address Book to Notes

The first time you start the Notes Gateway, it creates a secondary Address Book file (wpnames.nsf) on the Notes/Domino server. This file contains all GroupWise users listed in the GroupWise Address Book and enables Notes to resolve addresses and correctly route messages addressed to GroupWise users through the gateway.

In order for Notes to read from the wpnames.nsf file, you must list the wpnames.nsf file in the Names section of the notes.ini file in the \program files\lotus\domino directory.

  1. From the Notes/Domino server, use a text editor to open the notes.ini file.

  2. Search for the Names= line.

    If the notes.ini file already has a Names= line, each filename that follows Names= represents an Address Book that Notes searches when it is verifying recipient names in mail messages. The first Address Book in the list is the public Address Book (typically names.nsf). Additional Address Books are searched in the order in which they appear in this line. If there is no Names= line, then Notes searches only the Notes public Address Book (names.nsf).

  3. If there is no Names= line in your notes.ini file, create one.

    The location of the Names= line is not important; you can place the line anywhere within the notes.ini file. Use the following format:


  4. If the notes.ini file already has a Names= line, add wpnames at the end of the list of Address Books.

    Each filename must be separated by a comma (,). Use the following format:


  5. Save the notes.ini file and exit the text editor.

    You do not need to restart the Notes/Domino server in order for this change to be put into effect.

  6. Continue with Defining the GroupWise System As a Notes Foreign Domain.