5.1 Providing Gateway Information

  1. In ConsoleOne, browse to and select the domain where you installed the Notes Gateway (worksheet item 4).

  2. Right-click the Notes Gateway object, then click Properties.

  3. Click GroupWise > Identification.

    Identification page
  4. Fill in the following fields on the Identification page:

    Description: This field is optional. If desired, provide any descriptive information about the gateway.

    Subdirectory: Displays the name of the Notes Gateway root directory specified during installation. The default is Notes.

    Time Zone: Displays the time zone of the domain where the gateway is installed.

    Database Version: Select 6.5 or 7.x depending on the version of your GroupWise system.

    Platform: Displays Windows as the default platform.

    Gateway Type: Defaults to Notes.

    Gateway Alias Type: Specify Notes.

    Foreign ID: Specify the name of the foreign domain you created in the Notes public Directory to represent the GroupWise system (worksheet item 10), as described in Section 4.3, Defining the GroupWise System As a Notes Foreign Domain.

  5. Click Apply to save the gateway information.

  6. Continue with Setting Required Parameters.