4.6 Starting the Notes Client on the Notes Gateway Server

  1. On the Notes Gateway server, exit the Notes/Domino Administrator.

  2. Start the Notes client.

    Notes Login dialog box
  3. In the For User field, select the Notes Gateway user you created in Section 4.4, Registering the Notes Gateway As a Notes User, specify the password for the user, then click OK.

    Notes client

This updates the local notes.ini file on the Notes Gateway server from that version of the notes.ini file on the Notes/Domain server that you updated in Section 4.2, Adding the GroupWise Address Book to Notes.

Depending on the configuration of your Notes system, you might need to export the Notes user ID file for the Notes Gateway user that was set up in Section 4.4, Registering the Notes Gateway As a Notes User from the Notes/Domino Administrator and copy it to the Windows server where the Notes Gateway will run before you can start the Notes client. You might need assistance from the Notes system administrator the first time you start the Notes client for the Notes Gateway user.

Continue with Section 5.0, Configuring the GroupWise Side of the Notes Gateway.