5.0 Installing the Exchange Migration Utility

If you are performing a small system migration, install the Migration Utility on one Windows workstation. If you are performing a large system migration, install the Migration Utility on multiple Windows workstations (system worksheet item 2).

IMPORTANT:Do not install and run the Migration Utility on Exchange servers.

  1. At a machine that meets the system requirements listed in Section 2.0, Exchange Migration Utility System Requirements, make sure that Outlook is already installed.

    The GroupWise® client should not be installed. If it is, the Exchange Migration Utility Setup program removes it.

  2. Make sure that you have administrator rights to the Exchange server that you want to migrate (server worksheet item 1).

    IMPORTANT:The workstation where you run the Migration Utility must have a username and password identical to the one on the Exchange server. Otherwise, you cannot access the Exchange server with the necessary rights.

  3. From the Novell® Downloads Web site, download the GroupWise Migration Utility for Microsoft Exchange (gw700exmig.exe) into a temporary directory.

  4. Run gw700exmig.exe to extract the Migration Utility files into a convenient directory.

  5. Run setup.exe, then click Next to install the Migration Utility.

  6. Click Yes to accept the license agreement.

  7. Click Next to select the setup type.

    Setup Type dialog box

    Typical: Installs the Migration Utility in English in the c:\novell\exchange migration utility directory.

    Custom: Lets you select the installation directory. The utility is currently available in English only.

  8. To accept the default of Typical, click Next.


    Change the installation directory:

    1. Click Custom, then click Next.

    2. Click Change.

    3. Browse to and select the desired installation directory, then click OK.

    4. Click Next.

  9. Click Install to install the Exchange Migration Utility.

  10. When the software has been installed, click Finish.

  11. Repeat Step 6 through Step 11 for each workstation where you want to run the Migration Utility.

    As an alternative, you could map a drive from other workstations to a central installation of the Migration Utility. However, the Migration Utility runs significantly faster when installed locally.

  12. Continue with Migrating Your Exchange System to GroupWise 7.