12.2 Prerequisites

Before you start using the Detail portlet, review the following information.

12.2.1 Configuring the Directory Abstraction Layer

The Detail portlet depends on directory abstraction layer definitions in a variety of ways. Instructions on how to configure your abstraction layer data definitions to support specific Detail portlet features are provided in the following sections:

For more information on configuration, see Section 1.2.2, Directory Abstraction Layer.

12.2.2 Assigning rights to entities

In order to access an entity and its attributes in the Detail portlet, users must have the appropriate rights assigned in eDirectory™:

To Do This

A User Needs This Right

Display an attribute


Edit an attribute


You can assign rights by specifying that a user is a trustee of an object (entity). You can also specify the rights to assign for each of the attributes that are available via the Detail portlet.