Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 2.1 Administration Guide

  Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 2.1 Administration Guide
    iPrint Overview
      Understanding Micro Focus iPrint
      Benefits of iPrint
      Challenges in Print Environment
    What’s New in iPrint Appliance
    Planning Your Print Environment
      Server Requirements
      Ports Requirements
      Remote Renderer Requirements
      Mobile Requirements
      Migrate Requirements
    Deploying iPrint Appliance
      Configuring Virtual Environment
      Initial Appliance Configuration
    Creating New Appliance
      Creating New iPrint Appliance
      Creating Printers
      Creating or Importing Users
      Configuring Printer Drivers
      Configuring Printing Through Mobile Devices
      What’s Next
    Migrate Existing iPrint Appliance
      Support Matrix
      Migrating from 1.1 to 2.1
      Migrating from 2.0 to 2.x
      Exporting the Configuration File
    Migrating Printers from an OES iPrint Server
      Migrating Printers
    Document Rendering
      Key Features
      Installing and Configuring a Remote Renderer
      Upgrading the Remote Renderer
      Managing the Remote Renderer
      Remote Renderer Commands
    Managing iPrint Appliance
      Ganglia Monitoring
      Digital Certificates
      System Services
      /var Mount Configuration
      Administrative Passwords
      Field Patch
      Ganglia Configuration
      Shutting Down and Restarting iPrint Appliance
      Signing Out of iPrint Appliance
    Managing Print System
      iPrint Appliance Configuration
      Appliance System Configuration
      iPrint Printer Configuration (iManager)
      What’s Next
    Installing and Setting Up iPrint on Client Workstations
      Installing the iPrint Client
      Windows: Installing Printers
      iPrint Client Tray Icon on Windows
      Macintosh: Installing Printers
      iPrint Client Tray Icon on Mac
      Updating the iPrint Client
      Managing through iprint.ini
      Windows Terminal Servers
      Uninstalling the iPrint Client
    Mobile Device Management (MDM)
      Managing the iPrint App with ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2.x
      Configuring MobileIron to Manage the iPrint App
    Troubleshooting iPrint Appliance
      Server Issues
      LDAP Issues
      Renderer Issues
      General Issues
    Advanced Configuration for iPrint Mobile Service (Optional)
    Email Service Parameters
      Incoming Mail Server Parameters
      Outgoing Mail Server Parameters
    iPrint Appliance Support Matrix
      Mobile Server Support
      Mobile Operating System Support
      Directory Services Support
      Management Console Support
      MobileIron Support
      Remote Renderer
      Supported Document Formats By the Local Renderer and Remote Renderer
      iPrint Appliance Server and Client Support
      OES Source Platform Support for Migration
      Clients for Email Printing
      Supported Browsers for iPrint
    iPrint Commands and Utilities
      iprntcmd (1)
    TIDs for iPrint
    Legal Notices