5.0 Setting Up Net Folders

Net Folders in Filr provide access to files on your corporate OES, Windows, or NetWare file servers by synchronizing file metadata. In essence, a Net Folder is simply a pointer or a reference to a specific folder on a specific file server.

Filr can be configured to index the content of Net Folders to make the content searchable.

IMPORTANT:Configuring Net Folders in a sub-optimal way can result in unsatisfactory performance of your Filr system. The ideal Net Folder configuration can vary greatly depending on the number of files that you want to synchronize to Filr, the frequency in which files are modified, and so forth. Before configuring Net Folders, become familiar with the various subtleties related to Net Folders, as described in Section 5.1, Planning Net Folder Creation.

The following video walks you through the Net Folder planning process:

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