7.0 Securing LDAP Communications between Filr and Active Directory

  1. Generate a self-signed certificate for Active Directory.

    1. On the Windows server, click Start > Run, then enter mmc.

    2. In MMC, type Ctrl+M.

    3. If the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager snap-in is not installed on your Windows server, install it.

    4. With IIS selected, click Add, then click OK.

    5. In the left frame, click Internet Information Services, then click a Windows server that Filr can connect to for synchronizing the test users that you created in Section 4.0, Creating Test Users.

    6. In the Filter list, scroll down to Server Certificates and double-click the icon.

    7. In the Actions list, click Create Self-Signed Certificate.

    8. Name the certificate with a name you can remember, such as the server name, then click OK.

    9. Type Ctrl+M, select the Certificates plug-in, then click Add.

    10. Select Computer account, then click Next.

    11. Click Finish.

    12. In the Snap-ins dialog, click OK.

    13. In MMC, expand the Certificates plug-in, expand Personal, then click Certificates.

    14. Right-click the certificate you created, select All Tasks, then click Export....

    15. In the Certificate Export wizard, click Next.

    16. Ensure that No, do not export the private key is selected, then click Next.

    17. Ensure that DER encoded binary is selected, then click Next.

    18. Name the certificate, then click Next.

    19. Click Finish > OK.

      The certificate is saved in C:\Users\Your-User-Name.

    20. Ensure that the certificate is accessible from your management browser.

  2. Using your management browser, import the certificate into the Filr appliance’s Java Keystore:

    1. In the upper-right corner of the Filr Console, click the Home link.

    2. Click the Appliance System Configuration icon.

    3. Click the Digital Certificates icon.

    4. Click File > Import > Trusted Certificate.

    5. Browse to the certificate file that you saved in Step 1.s, then click Open.

    6. Click OK.

    7. Click Close.

    8. Click Reboot > OK > OK.

As soon as the Filr appliance restarts, both the Windows server and Filr are prepared for the exercises in Section 8.0, Administering Filr.