8.0 Upgrading Access Manager Components

WARNING:Before upgrading, make a backup of your configuration. If the upgrade fails, you need a way to recover your configuration. Because a backup can only be restored to the version it was created on, you’ll need to restore your Access Manager components to that version. You can then restore the configuration with the backup file and work with Novell® Support to solve the upgrade problem before attempting to upgrade again.

When upgrading Access Manager components, you need to start the process by first upgrading the Administration Console. You can then upgrade the various devices that you have imported into the Administration Console. We highly recommend that you upgrade all members of a cluster before moving to another type of device to upgrade.

This section discusses the procedures for upgrading the Novell Access Manager components.

For information on upgrading the J2EE Agents, see Upgrading the J2EE Agents in the Novell Access Manager 3.0 SP4 Agent Guide.