9.4 Cluster Related Issues

smdr.novell Is Not Registered with SLP for a New Cluster Resource

Explanation: You might get an error after creating a cluster resource indicating that smdr.novell is not registered with SLP for cluster resources, but the smdr.novell service for the node is registered.
Error: "cluster--<212>: Read ResVol error -603"
Action: The first time a cluster resource is created, smdrd cannot figure it out. Restart smdrd. Thereafter, smdrd is aware of the cluster resource. and advertise it correctly.
  1. Log in to the server as the root user, open a terminal console, then enter

On the failover of a cluster resource, smdr daemon terminates

Possible Cause: Cluster failover scripts sends SIGTERM command to smdr to release the cluster resources.
Action: SMDR needs time to clear the existing connections and release the cluster volumes. Increase the sleep time in the cluster failover script to facilitate the release of the cluster volume.

novell-smdrd restart

Backup fails in a mixed node cluster environment

Explanation: In a mixed node cluster environment, backup fails when node fail-over and fall-back happens between NetWare and Linux servers.
Possible Cause: Volume names are in lowercase.
Action: On backing up data in a mixed node cluster environment, the volume name must be passed in uppercase. Linux filenames are case sensitive.

Clustered volumes are not backed up during full server backups

Possible Cause: The application used does not handle SMS clustered resources, causing clustered volumes to be skipped because the TSA was loaded as cluster-enabled.
Action: Disable cluster support in TSAFS and rerun the backup job. See Section 3.5, Configuring the Target Service Agent for File System.

Cluster pools are not listed on Linux

Possible Cause: TSAFS is configured to run in non-cluster mode.
Action: Enable cluster support in TSAFS and rerun the backup job. See Section 3.5, Configuring the Target Service Agent for File System.
Possible Cause: SLP configuration is incorrect or SMDR failed to register its services to SLP.

Reconnect to TSAFS fails when a cluster resource migrates to another cluster node in a mixed mode cluster.

Possible Cause: The backup application may require the same user name and password to be available on all nodes in the cluster. During reconnection the same information used for the first node is reused by the application to connect to the other node as well. At times, the user names or their passwords may be different on the two nodes.
Action: Connect using a user name and password that is common for all cluster nodes.