3.8 Adding Monitor Scripts on Linux

The monitor script is available for cluster resources in Novell Cluster Services for OES. However, in a mixed-mode cluster, the cluster resources that you cluster migrate from NetWare to Linux will not have a monitor script during the conversion process. A monitor script for each of the former NetWare cluster resources is created automatically after you perform the final cluster conversion step as described in Section 4.4, Finalizing the Cluster Conversion.

After the conversion is finalized, you can use the Clusters plug-in for Novell iManager to enable monitoring independently for each cluster resource. On the Monitoring page (as shown in Figure 3-1) in the resource properties, you must specify a polling interval, a failure rate, a failure action, and a timeout value. These settings control how error conditions are resolved for the resource.

Figure 3-1 Monitoring Page in the Cluster Resource Properties

On the Monitor Script page in the resource properties, you must also configure the resource’s monitor script. You must take the resource offline and bring it online to apply the new settings.

Figure 3-2 Monitor Script in the Cluster Resource Properties

Sample monitor scripts are available in the cluster resource templates for the various services on OES. The following is a sample monitor script for a pool cluster resource:

. /opt/novell/ncs/lib/ncsfuncs

# Check the pool status
exit_on_error status_fs /dev/pool/P_D /opt/novell/nss/mnt/.pools/P_D nsspool

# Check the resource status
exit_on_error status_secondary_ipaddress

# Check the volume status
exit_on_error ncpcon volume VOL_D

# Monitor the Novell CIFS service
exit_on_error rcnovell-cifs monitor

# Monitor the Novell AFP service
exit_on_error afpstat

exit 0

There might not be a monitor script for iPrint. Print Manager has a built-in monitoring and restart capability. Using the iPrint commands in a cluster resource monitor script for iPrint might cause a conflict.

For detailed information about configuring the monitoring options and scripts, see Enabling Monitoring and Configuring the Monitor Script in the OES 11 SP3: Novell Cluster Services for Linux Administration Guide.