4.4 Evaluating OES 11 SP3 Software

This section walks you through the OES 11 SP3 software evaluation process and discusses the following topics:

4.4.1 Understanding OES 11 SP3 Software Evaluation Basics

You can evaluate the full OES 11 SP3 product. The evaluation software is the complete, fully functional OES 11 SP3 product.

As you install each server, you are required to accept an end user license agreement (EULA). Your rights to evaluate and use the OES 11 SP3 product are limited to the rights set forth in the EULA.

Briefly, the evaluation period for OES 11 SP3 servers is 60 days. To receive software updates during this time, you must have or create an account with the Customer Center, receive evaluation codes for OES 11 and SLES 11 while downloading the software, and use these codes to register your server. No software updates can be downloaded after the 60-day evaluation period expires until you purchase the product.

4.4.2 Evaluating OES 11 SP3

During the evaluation period, we recommend that you fully explore the many services available in OES 11 SP3.

To help you get started with the process, we have prepared a Getting Started Guide for OES 11 SP3 that explores both OES 11 SP3 and virtualized NetWare on a second OES 11 SP3 virtual machine host server. The sections in this guide introduce eDirectory, walk you through server installations, and provide brief exercises that you can complete to get started using OES 11 SP3 Services. After completing the exercises in the guide, you can use the environment you’ve created to further explore OES 11 SP3 and learn about its many powerful services.

For more information, see the OES 11 SP2: Getting Started with OES 11 and Virtualized NetWare.

After working through the lab guide, we recommend that you review all of the information in this guide to gain a comprehensive overview of OES 11 SP3 and the planning and implementation processes you will follow to fully leverage its network services.

4.4.3 Installing OES 11 for Evaluation Purposes

After completing the instructions in Section 4.5.1, Downloading OES 11 SP3 Software from the Novell Web Site, you will have two activation/evaluation codes: one for OES 11 and another for SLES 11. As you install OES 11 SP3, you should register with the Novell Customer Center and use these codes to enable your server for online updates from the OES 11 and SLES 11 patch channels.

IMPORTANT:Always download the current patches during an installation.

Instructions for using the activation codes during an installation are found in Specifying Novell Customer Center Configuration Settings in the OES 11 SP3: Installation Guide.

The evaluation period begins when the codes are issued. Use the same activation codes for each OES 11 server you install during the evaluation period.