E.16 August 6, 2012

Updates were made to the following section. The changes are explained below.

E.16.1 Configuring Cluster Resources for Shared NSS Pools and Volumes



Renaming a Pool for a Pool Cluster Resource

Because renaming involves changing information for the Pool object in eDirectory, you must ensure that the shared pool is active on a cluster node that has its NCP server object in the same context as the Pool object of the pool you are going to rename.

Added details for the procedure.

Step 4.c in Extending the Size of a LUN

Added information to flush and rebuild the maps.

Step 4.e in Extending the Size of a LUN

The evms_activate command was moved to follow the verification of multipath maps.

Corrected the command:


Step 2.d in Creating and Sharing a New LUN Device

Corrected the command: