E.26 June 24, 2011

Updates were made to the following sections. The changes are explained below.

E.26.1 Configuring and Managing Cluster Resources

E.26.2 Configuring Cluster Resources for Shared NSS Pools and Volumes



Cluster-Enabling an Existing NSS Pool and Its Volumes

If you plan to add CIFS and AFP as advertising protocols when cluster-enabling an existing pool, the Novell CIFS and Novell AFP software must be installed and running before you begin the enablement process. Their daemons must also be running before bringing the resource online.

E.26.3 Managing Clusters



Changing the Administrator Credentials or LDAP Server IP Addresses for a Cluster

If you list multiple LDAP servers, order them based on what is local to the cluster then the closest physical read/write replica.

E.26.4 Planning for Novell Cluster Services



LDAP Server List

This section is new.

E.26.5 Upgrading OES 1 Linux Clusters to OES 2 Linux

The step to use the cluster convert command was removed. This is not necessary when upgrading between Linux versions.