25.9 Troubleshooting iPrint Migration

Printers are not migrating to the OES 2 Linux Server

Explanation: Occasionally the status of iPrint migration is successful but the specified Print Manager is not active (Down), so printers are not migrated to the OES 2 Linux server.
Possible Cause: Some other Print Manager is active or is already loaded on the OES 2 Linux server.
Action: On the OES 2 Linux server:
  1. Search for the ipsmd daemons by executing the ps ax | grep ipsmd command. This displays two running ipsmd processes.

  2. Kill the individual ipsmd daemons by executing kill -9 pid_of_ipsmd

  3. Restart migration by executing iprintmig.

Target server authentication fails in a cluster environment

Explanation: The loopback address is not authenticated.
Possible Cause: The loopback address is not being resolved to the IP address of the target server in the cluster environment.
Action: The user should enter the IP address or DNS name of the target server.

Printers are not migrating with the -f option

Explanation: iprintmig skips adding printers from the file containing the printer list.
Possible Cause: If the file with the printers to be migrated contains extra spaces or characters, the file is skipped by the utility.
Action: Delete the extra spaces or characters and restart the migration process.

Invalid driver path assignments

Explanation: Specific printers are not being migrated, and you see the error message XMLToDoCIMInstance::doWork(): CIMException encountered (general error) <Operating System Name> GetDriverInfo failed:<Printer Name> during migration.
Possible Cause: The printers are associated with deleted or missing drivers.
Possible Cause: The driver is associated with a remote path that no longer exists. The path can be a remote server or an unmounted volume.
Action: Verify the driver path and generate a report to correct the driver assignment:
  1. From iManager, select Manage Print Manager.

  2. Select an NDPS Manager.

  3. Click OK.

    NOTE:If the Print Manager is down, click Startup to make it Active.

  1. Click Printer Agents Configuration Report.

  2. Select one or more Configuration Options for the operating system name displayed in the error message.

  3. Click Generate Report.

    The driver assignment path is displayed for individual Printer Agents in the report.

  4. Verify that the complete driver path is a valid assignment.

  5. (Conditional) If the path is invalid, select Manage Printer.

    1. Choose a required printer under NDPS Printer Name.

    2. Click OK.

    3. Select the specific operating system for which the assignment is invalid under the Drivers tab. A message window appears with the message The current driver does not exist.

    4. Click OK.

    5. Select either NONE or a suitable driver.

Printers are not migrating in the same eDirectory tree under the same context

Explanation: Printers are not being migrated, and you see an error message: CIMException encountered (general error): Creation of printer 'CN=<PrinterName>,o=<organization>' object failed. Object exists, but failed to get iPrintPrinterManager value.
Possible Cause: The migration was in the same eDirectory tree, and the source Print Manager and target Print Manager were under the same context.
Action: Use iManager to create a Print Manager on the target server in a different context. Restart the migration with the target Print Manager as the newly created Print Manager.

Migration fails even after a pre-check is passed

Explanation: On restarting the source server, the migration fails if the Print Manager unload is not successful.
Possible Cause: The eDirectory attributes for the unloaded PSM are not cleaned up.
Action: Restart the Print Manager.

Migration fails when a printer is assigned to a Print Manager

Explanation: The migration fails with an error message: CIMException encountered (general error): Creation of printer <Printer FDN> ( Eg: cn=Printer1,o=novell) object failed. Object exists, iPrintPrinterManager value indicates that the printer is associated with another ipsmd.
Possible Cause: Trying to reassign a printer to a new Print Manager when the existing Print Manager assigned to this printer is down.
Action: Do not select the printer that is currently assigned to a Print Manager on the target server when it is down.

Migration fails when the SYS volume folder is not available on the source server

Possible Cause: The folder sys:ndps is renamed or deleted from the source server.
Action: Ensure that the sys:ndps folder is present on the source server.

Migration fails for container admin credentials on the source server

Explanation: Printer objects with the container admin credentials are not being migrated.
Possible Cause: There is a mismatch between the source server and container admin credentials for the user. The source server might not be in the same container where full access rights are defined.
Action: Ensure that the user has the following rights and permissions assigned explicity so that the user can access and execute psminfo.nlm:
  • The read permission to the sys:ndps folder on the migration source server.

  • Add the user as a trustee with supervisor rights to the source server NCP Server object.

Migration fails with an error message

Explanation: Terminate called after throwing an instance of 'OpenWBEM4::HTTPException' what(): Unable to process request: 401: Authentication failure Aborted.
Possible Cause: The admin user is not correctly LUM-enabled.
Action: LUM-enable the admin user:
  1. run yast2 novell-lum from the command prompt.

  2. Click Continue.

  3. Enter the admin password.

  4. Click Next and follow the on-screen prompts.

Driver Store and Print Manager not initialized after migration on the target server

Explanation: The Driver Store and Print Manager are not initialized on the target server when SLP configuration is used.
Possible Cause: Problems in SLP configuration before starting migration.
Action: Enter the slptool findsrvs service:ndap.novell | grep <TREE NAME> command to list the TREENAME. If the tree name is not listed, fix SLP configuration. For details, see Section 4.1, Prerequisites.

Printers not coming up after Transfer ID migration

Explanation: You migrate printers by using the Transfer ID option, but printers are not coming up.
Possible Cause: Printers are not being asociated with the Drivers after an ID swap (Transfer ID).
Action: Use the following procedure:
  1. Run the /opt/novell/bin/iprintman psm --xml-import /tmp/psmimport_idswap.xml -s <Server IP Address> -u admin -f --accept-cert command on the OES 2 Linux console.

  2. Enter the admin password.

Printer fails to install with the error wrong printer URL

Explanation: On successful migration, the redirected printers fail to install on the target server.
Action: You can succesfully install the redirected printers by doing any of the following:

IP Address: If iPrint service is configured using the IP address and if the source server is down, installation fails.

Ensure that the source server is up and running and then install the redirected printer.

DNS: If iPrint service is configured using DNS and the DNS is not resolved with the target server IP address.

Ensure that the DNS is resolved to the target server IP address and then install the redirected printer.

Migration is completed with the status displaying as "Successful with warnings. Please refer the migration log.

Explanation: The message is displayed when the drivers associated with the printers are not migrated to the target server.

The printers are migrated, but you will not be able to install the printers for which driver download or upload has failed.

Action: Check the migration log for the drivers that failed to migrate. Do not perform migration, instead upload or download those drivers manually to the target server.