8.2 Scheduling and Recurrence

Certain PlateSpin Recon jobs can be scheduled to occur at a later date, or on a recurring basis. These can be viewed through the Scheduled Job Explorer. Jobs can include inventorying, report generation, and snapshot export.

Scheduling is controlled through options in the Export Site Snapshot (Step 3 of 3) and Generate Reports dialog boxes. For more information see Section 3.13.1, Exporting a PlateSpin Recon Snapshot and Section 5.5, Generating Reports.

The same options are available in the Inventory Machines dialog box by clicking Schedule on the drop-down menu for the Inventory button. The Scheduling Options dialog box is displayed.

Figure 8-2 Scheduling Options

To schedule a job:

  1. In the Scheduling Options dialog box, Select Later to run the job at a specific date and time (either typed manually in mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM|PM format, or selected from the pop-up calendar). Continue with Step 5.


    Select Recurrence to run the job on a recurring basis. From the drop-down list, select a previously entered recurrence schedule, or select <New Recurrence>.

    The Create Recurrence dialog box is displayed.

  2. Enter a unique Recurrence Name.

    This name is used to refer to the recurrence schedule in the Recurrence drop-down list, so that it can be reused for other jobs.

  3. In the Recurrence pattern area, select a rate of recurrence, and then use options to specify when, and how often jobs are run.

  4. In the Range of recurrence area, specify a start date and time, and then indicate how the recurrence is to extend. Specify the total number of occurrences for the job, or set an end date.

    By default, the recurrence extends indefinitely and can only be stopped by right-clicking the job in the Scheduled Job Explorer and clicking either Delete or Edit Recurrence on the menu.

  5. Click OK.