6.0 Consolidating Data from NetWare Servers

After you have completed the prerequisite procedures and reviewed the pertinent information in Section 3.0, Installing the Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit, you are ready to proceed with your NetWare consolidation project.

To perform a NetWare consolidation project, complete the following tasks covered in this section:

  1. Understand NetWare Server Consolidation Issues

  2. Launch Server Consolidation Utility and Create a Project File

  3. Select a Source and Destination Tree

  4. Model Your Consolidation Project

  5. Perform Pre-Copy Verifications

  6. Additional Steps for Tree-to-Tree Consolidations

  7. Run the Consolidation

In addition, this section contains information on the following optional tasks:

  1. Consolidating NDPS Printer Agents

  2. Consolidating Data to or from a NetWare 5.1 Cluster

  3. Consolidating Data to Novell Branch Office

  4. Consolidating Data from NetWare 4 Servers

  5. Server-Based Processing