Class FileRange

  extended by org.python.core.PyObject
      extended by org.python.core.PySequence
          extended by com.novell.zos.jdl.FileRange
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FileRange
extends org.python.core.PySequence

Define a range of values for a ParameterSpace based on the lines of a text file. An instance of this class is used as a dimension in a ParameterSpace definition.

The file name must either refer to a file that is readable from the server and resources (on a shared file system) or must be a DataGrid file URL.

Example to distribute each line of a text file residing on a shared filesystem to a Joblet:

 class myjob(Job):
     def job_started_event(self):
        fr = FileRange("/mytests/testlist")
        parameterSpace = ParameterSpace()
        # Setting JobletSize to 1 creates one Joblet per line
In the above example, only a single dimension is defined. So each line of the source text file makes up a single row in the ParameterSpace.

Example of how the created JobletParameterSpace is used in a Joblet:

 class myJoblet(Joblet):
      def joblet_started_event(self):
         parameterSpace = self.getParameterSpace()
         while parameterSpace.hasNext():
              row =
              element = row["testlist"]
              print "element=%s" % (element)


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Serialized Form

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
FileRange(java.lang.String filename)
          Construct FileRange using the supplied filename.
Method Summary
 void setDelimiter(char delimiter)
          Define the line delimiter to separate lines.
 void setSkipBlankLines(boolean value)
          Define whether to ignore blank lines or not.
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Constructor Detail


public FileRange(java.lang.String filename)
Construct FileRange using the supplied filename. The file must be readable.

filename - file to read lines from
Method Detail


public void setDelimiter(char delimiter)
Define the line delimiter to separate lines. Defaults to line feed.

delimiter - Character to use for delimiting lines


public void setSkipBlankLines(boolean value)
Define whether to ignore blank lines or not. Default is to not ignore blank lines.

value - True to ignore blank lines, False to not.

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