Class Timer

  extended by com.novell.zos.jdl.Timer

public class Timer
extends java.lang.Object

Timer schedules a callback to a Job or Joblet method.

Timers can schedule a one time or a repeated callback on an interval basis. An active Timer will keep the Job or Joblet running. You must manually cancel or terminate the Job or Joblet or invoke the Timer's cancel() method.

Example to setup a Timer callback every 5 seconds. This Job will remain running subject to job timeout.

 class timer(Job):
    def job_started_event(self):
       print "Started %s" % self.getFact("")
       timer = Timer(self.timer_callback, 0, 5)

   def timer_callback(self):
       print "timer callback invoked"

Constructor Summary
Timer(org.python.core.PyMethod method, int delay)
          Construct a one-time Timer instance
Timer(org.python.core.PyMethod method, int delay, int interval)
          Construct a Timer that repeatedly calls the method.
Method Summary
 void cancel()
          Stop this timer from repeating.
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Constructor Detail


public Timer(org.python.core.PyMethod method,
             int delay)
Construct a one-time Timer instance

method - Method to call after delay
delay - Seconds to wait before invoking method


public Timer(org.python.core.PyMethod method,
             int delay,
             int interval)
Construct a Timer that repeatedly calls the method.

method - Method to call at intervals
delay - Seconds to wait before starting timer
interval - Seconds between when method is called
Method Detail


public void cancel()
Stop this timer from repeating. No further callbacks will occur.

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