Uses of Class

Uses of Constraint in com.novell.zos.jdl

Subclasses of Constraint in com.novell.zos.jdl
 class AndConstraint
          Representation of the And Constraint.
 class BinaryConstraint
          Representation of a Constraint operating on left and right operands.
 class ContainerConstraint
          Representation of a Constraint that contains other Constraints.
 class ContainsConstraint
          Representation of the Contains Constraint.
 class DefinedConstraint
          Representation of the Defined Constraint.
 class EqConstraint
          Representation of the Equals Constraint.
 class GeConstraint
          Representation of the Greater than or Equals Constraint.
 class GtConstraint
          Representation of the Greater than Constraint.
 class LeConstraint
          Representation of the Less than or equals Constraint.
 class LtConstraint
          Representation of the Less than Constraint.
 class NeConstraint
          Representation of the Not Equals Constraint.
 class NotConstraint
          Representation of Not Constraint Object.
 class OrConstraint
          Representation of Or Constraint Object.
 class UndefinedConstraint
          Representation of the Undefined Constraint.

Methods in com.novell.zos.jdl with parameters of type Constraint
 void ContainerConstraint.add(Constraint constraint)
          Add a constraint as a child of this constraint.
 org.python.core.PyList MatrixInfo.getGridObjects(java.lang.String objectType, Constraint constraint)
          Return a list of all matching grid objects of the requested type that match the constraints.
 org.python.core.PyList MatrixInfo.getGridObjects(java.lang.String objectType, Constraint constraint, java.lang.String[] rankBy)
          Return a list of all matching grid objects of the requested type that match the constraints and in the supplied order ranking.
 org.python.core.PyObject Job.runJob(java.lang.String job, org.python.core.PyDictionary params, Constraint constraint)
          Run a new child job using supplied resource Constraint.
 void RunJobSpec.setConstraint(Constraint constraint)
          Set an additional constraint to use for the new job instance.
 void ScheduleSpec.setConstraint(Constraint constraint)
          Assign a Constraint for resource selection.

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