5.0 First Use of Basic ZENworks Orchestrator Components

After you install and configure basic Novell® ZENworks® Orchestrator components (that is, the ZENworks Orchestrator Server, the ZENworks Orchestrator Agent, and the ZENworks Orchestrator Clients), you will want to see them at work. The information in this section is organized sequentially (that is, in a “walkthrough” scenario) so that you can follow the process an administrator might use to begin applying ZENworks Orchestrator capabilities in a production environment.

The first three subsections listed above are basic tasks you need to perform to make the Orchestrator system perform at a basic level. The other sections include information to help you understand how the Orchestrator system can work in your production environment.

For information about the first use of ZENworks Virtual Machine Management components, see VM Management Setup and Tutorial in the Novell ZENworks Orchestrator 1.3 Virtual Machine Management Guide.