12.1 Configuring New GroupWise Source

To track license compliance status of the GroupWise software, first you should know the sources of GroupWise domains and then configure these sources.

To configure a new source of GroupWise:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration >Asset Management

  2. In the Asset Management page, go to License Information Sources panel.

  3. Click New > GroupWise. In the New GroupWise Source Configuration dialog, specify the following details:

    1. Source Name: For identification, provide a name for the new source of GroupWise for which you want to configure and track license compliance.

    2. Server Address: Specify the IP address of the remote GroupWise server for which you want to track license compliance.

      For example:

      IPv4: <server_IP>:<port_number>

      IPv6: When you are configuring the GroupWise using IPv6 address, you must specify the DNS hostname instead of IP address. For more information, see GroupWise IPv6 Support.

      NOTE:The GroupWise version of the source should be GroupWise 2014 and above.

    3. Domain Name: Specify the domain from which you need to query license compliance information for that particular source of GroupWise.

    4. Server Credentials: You can either add a new GroupWise admin credential or browse and select an existing GroupWise admin credential. For details on adding a credential, see Adding a Credential.

    5. Verify Connection: Click this button to verify that the connection to the specified remote GroupWise server is possible. When the connection is successful, the Connected to remote server message will be displayed. You are allowed to click OK and proceed only after verifying the connection.

      The following messages are displayed when you click Verify Connection based on the availability of the remote GroupWise server:

      • Connected to remote server: Displayed on successful connection to the remote GroupWise server.

      • Unable to connect with the server: Displayed when the specified IP address of the remote GroupWise server is wrong, or when connection to the specified remote GroupWise server is not available.

      When you verify the connection for the first time, the certificate information is displayed. To view the certificate, click the View Certificate link. Clicking this link is not mandatory for completing the configuration.

  4. Select the Create Catalog products, licensed products, and entitlements automatically check box to automatically create the catalog products, licensed products and entitlements for the configured licensed information source.

  5. Click OK.

    The newly added GroupWise source will be listed under the License Information Sources panel with the following details:

    • Server Address is the IP address of the GroupWise source.

    • Last Connection Status is either failed, succeeded or unknown.

12.1.1 Editing GroupWise Source Configuration

The Edit GroupWise Source Configuration dialog enables you to edit the details of an existing GroupWise source.

  1. Select the check box next to the GroupWise source that you want to edit.

  2. Click the Edit drop-down.

  3. Click Configure Settings to launch the Edit GroupWise Source Configuration dialog.

  4. Modify one or all of the following details and then proceed:

    • Source Name

    • Server Address

    • Domain Name

    • Server Credentials

    For details on these fields, see Configuring New GroupWise Source.

12.1.2 Renaming GroupWise Source Configuration

The Rename Configuration dialog allows you to modify the name of the existing GroupWise source. Modify the name of the configured GroupWise source and click OK.