1.1 ZENworks Diagnostics

The ZENworks Diagnostics helps the administrator to check and isolate the problems with the Primary servers.

1.1.1 ZENworks Databases

The ZENworks Databases panel displays the Status, Database Size, name of the Host database, Type, Version, and Schema of the databases present in the Zone.

The database schema can be ZENworks, Audit or Antimalware schema. Click the Schema hyperlink to open the Table Record panel with the Table and Count information.

1.1.2 ZENworks Primary Servers

The ZENworks Primary Servers panel displays the Status, Name, Operating System, IP Address, Memory Used/Total(MB), CPU Usage(%), Time Sync, and User Source Connectivity of the Primary Servers.

Status: The status of the Primary Server can be Normal, Critical, Warning or Disconnected. You can define the status of a Primary Server by configuring the health matrix. For steps to configure the health matrix refer to, Section 3.6, Configuring the Health Metrics for Primary Servers.

Time Sync: Indicates if the database and server time is synchronized.

The following tasks can be performed in this panel:



Name of the Primary Server

Click this link to open the ZENworks Process page.

Pause Live Update icon

Click this icon to pause the live updates on the ZENworks Primary Servers panel. To enable live update click Enable Live Update icon.

1.1.3 Deploy and undeploy probe

ZENworks Probe is available on all Primary Servers. The version of the ZENworks Probe that is running on the server is displayed on the Diagnostics page.

ZENworks Probe can be deployed or removed from the Diagnostics page. Click Remove probe to undeploy the probe. If Probe is not deployed, click Deploy probe. Select the appropriate .war file, then click OK.


  • You can deploy the latest version of Probe by removing the existing ZENworks Probe deployment from the server. To obtain the latest version of the Probe .war file go to Novell download site. Incase you want to redeploy probe, remove probe, extract the package.....,

    • Extract the package novell-zenworks-probe.msi (Windows) / novell-zenworks-probe.rpm (Linux).


    • Copy the .war file from other Primary Servers.

  • You will not need to restart the Server after deploying Probe.