ZENworks 2020 Update 2

August 2021

This document provides information about all the guides that have been updated for this release and provides links for easy access to the updated content within each guide.

1.0 Guides Updated for ZENworks 2020 Update 2


Feature Update



Updated the System Requirements, Added prerequisites to install docker and docker compose.

To view updates, see

Appliance Deployment

Updated the System Requirements.

To view updates, see System Requirements


Updated the changes introduced in this release, such file location changes, requirement to install Docker and Docker Compose, running of the cleanup utility, and the order in which the servers are to be upgraded in a Vertica enabled zone.

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Quick Start Reference

A new section was added about ZENworks Security, as well as the inclusion of the Antimalware Policies in Endpoint Security.

To view updates, see

Modern Management

Updated references related to the Getting Started with Modern Management

Entire reference

Windows Device Management

Changes introduced in this release, have been updated in this guide.

Entire reference

ZENworks Endpoint Security Antimalware Reference

This document is a new ZENworks publication with information for configuring and managing ZENworks Antimalware, a new component of ZENworks Endpoint Security Management.

Entire reference

ZENworks Ondemand Content Reference

This document is a new ZENworks publication with information for configuring and managing ZENworks Ondemand Content.

Entire reference

Software Distribution

The Copy Relationships workflow has been updated with the new Continue on Failure feature.

References to the new Windws 10 MSI Install and Windows 10 CSP bundles have been added.

To view the updates, see Copying Relationships.

Configuration Policies

Updated information related to Puppet-agent package.

To view updates, see Creating the Puppet Policy

Command Line Utility (zac and zman)

The zac for Windows section was updated with information about Antimalware zac commands.

The zac for Linux section was updated with additional information on registering Inventory-Only Agent (IOA) devices.

The Satellite Server commands was updated to include the new zman Command to enable SSL on Satellite Servers for Content & Collection.

To view updates, see Antimalware Commands.

To view updates, see Inventory Commands.

To view updates, see Satellite Server Commands.

Registry Keys

This guide was updated with registry key information related to the updated SQL Lite database on the ZENworks Agent.

Multiple registry keys are documented across the reference.

Preboot Services and Imaging

  • Restore using bundle name on WinPE

  • New tool to read ZENworks Image Information

Remote Management

  • Remote Control of a device having active RDP Session

  • Recording a Remote Management Session (Experimental Support)

ZENworks Control Center

The guide was updated to include the new quick task for changing the device host name.

To view the updates, see Quick Task Types.

Discovery, Deployment, and Retirement

The Deploying the Inventory-only module section, has been updated with the additional information on registering Inventory-only Agents.

Updated the document to include the steps for Changing the Device Hostname through a Quick Task

To view updates, see Deploying the Inventory-Only Module

To view updates, see Registering Devices.

Server Administration: Primary Servers

Added a new section Moving from a Windows or Linux Primary Server to Appliance

To view updates, see Moving from a Windows or Linux Primary Server to Appliance

Database Management (Embedded Database Maintenance)

Updated information related to backing up and restoring embedded database from one Primary Server to another.

To view updates, see

Mobile Management

The Android bundles section is updated with the following enhancements:

  • System App Bundles

  • Android bundles can be assigned to users and devices as well.

New Skip Item Settings for Apple DEP enrollment have been updated.

To view updates, see ,

Endpoint Security Policies

  • The descriptive list of security policies now includes information for Antimalware policies.

  • The Microsoft Data Encryption Policy content was updated for a new setting, Excluded Drives.

To view updates, see

Kafka Reference

Updated changes related to Kafka

Entire Reference

Product Licensing

Updated new option to Activate the product on all devices in the zone.

To view updates, see Activating a Product

Disaster Preparation and Recovery

Updated the sections to backup and restore data and replacing Primary Servers.

To view updates, see

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