4.1 Creating Bundle Groups

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Bundles tab.

  2. Click New > Bundle Group.

  3. Fill in the fields:

    Group Name: Provide a name for the bundle group. The name must be different than the name of any other item (bundle, group, folder, and so forth) that resides in the same folder. The name you provide displays in ZENworks Control Center.

    For more information, see Naming Conventions in ZENworks Control Center in the ZENworks Control Center Reference.

    Folder: Type the name or browse to and select the ZENworks Control Center folder where you want the bundle to reside. The default is /bundles, but you can create additional folders to organize your bundles.

    If you want to create the group in another folder, browse to and select the folder. By default, the group is created in the current folder.

    Description: Provide a short description of the bundle group's contents. This description displays in ZENworks Control Center.

  4. Click Next to display the Add Group Members page, then specify bundles to be members for the group.

    You can add any number of bundles to the group. You cannot add other bundle groups to the group.

    1. Click Add to display the Select Members dialog box.

      Because you are adding bundles to the group, the Select Members dialog box opens with the Bundles folder displayed.

    2. Browse for and select the bundles you want to add to the group. To do so:

      1. Click Navigate to Folder icon next to a folder to navigate the folders until you find the bundle you want to select.

        If you know the name of the bundle you are looking for, you can also use the Item name box to search for the bundle.

      2. Click the underlined link in the Name column to select the bundle and display its name in the Selected list.

      3. (Optional) Repeat Step 4.a and Step 4.b to add additional bundles to the Selected list.

      4. Click OK to add the selected bundles to the group.

  5. Click Next to display the Summary page, review the information and, if necessary, use the Back button to make changes to the information.

  6. (Optional) Select the Define Additional Properties option to display the group’s properties page after the group is created. You can then configure additional bundle properties.

  7. Click Finish to create the group.

Before the bundle group’s contents are distributed to devices or users, you must continue with Section 9.3, Assigning a Bundle Group to Devices or Section 9.4, Assigning a Bundle Group to Users.