1.9 Content

When you create bundles containing content, the content is copied to content servers (ZENworks Servers or Content Distribution Points), replicated to other content servers, and delivered to managed devices.

1.9.1 Content Replication

Content replication lets you determine how often content (bundle and policy files) is updated on the ZENworks (primary) Servers and Content Distribution Points. ZENworks Servers and Content Distribution Points are collectively referred to as content servers when discussing them in their roles of hosting content.

When a bundle or policy that contains content is added to the Management Zone, the ZENworks database is updated to reflect the addition of the content. Content servers are responsible for periodically reading the ZENworks database to discover new content. Each content server that does not have the content then retrieves the content from the server where it resides.

If content has been removed from the Management Zone, each content server also removes obsolete content during the update.

Content replication for a bundle can be configured through the Primary Server replication settings or Satellite Server replication settings. For more information on the settings, see Section 11.0, Managing Bundle Settings.

For more information, see Content Replication in the ZENworks Primary Server and Satellite Reference.

1.9.2 Content Delivery

Content delivery, or distribution, refers to the process of transferring bundle and policy content from a content server (ZENworks Server or Content Distribution Point) to a managed device.

There are a variety of settings you can use to determine how content is delivered to managed devices:

  • You can set up Closest Server rules that determine from which content server a managed device downloads its content.

  • You can times, referred to as delivery blackout dates, when content cannot be downloaded by managed devices.

  • You can decide how often you want managed devices to look for new content to download.

For information about performing these tasks, see Content Delivery in the ZENworks Primary Server and Satellite Reference.