14.0 Accessing Bundles on a Managed Device

The ZENworks Agent is part of the ZENworks Configuration Management software that lets your administrator manage devices over the network.

NOTE:This section contains information from the Agent online Help system and is written from the perspective of the end-user.

The ZENworks Agent, commonly referred to as the Agent, provides services that help your administrator do the following without visiting devices:

  • Deliver software, patches, and other files to your device

  • Manage policies that determine the behavior of your device.

  • Take inventory of your device’s hardware and software.

  • Access your device from a remote location to troubleshoot and fix problems with hardware and software.

Software applications and other files are distributed to your device as bundles. A bundle contains all of the content (files, etc.) and instructions (registry modifications, shortcut information, etc.) required to install the software on the device.

The following information discusses how to manage bundles by using the ZENworks Agent: