5.3 Using the Configuration Window

The Configuration window gives the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management administrator access to the Infrastructure and Scheduling, Authenticating Directories, and Server Synchronization controls.

NOTE:This function is not available if this is a Stand-Alone Management Console.

To access the Configuration window:

  1. Click Tools > Configuration.

  2. Click one of the following options in the left pane:

5.3.1 Infrastructure and Scheduling

The Infrastructure and Scheduling module allows the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management administrator to designate and change the Policy Distribution Service URL and control the synchronization intervals for the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management components.

Figure 5-3 Infrastructure and Scheduling Window

The following sections contain more information about the Infastructure and Scheduling options:

Distribution Service URL

Use this option to update the Policy Distribution Service location for both the Management Service and all Endpoint Security Clients (without requiring them to be reinstalled) if the Policy Distribution Service is moved to a new server. The URL for the current server is listed in the text field. Only the server name should be changed to point to the new server. Do not change any information after the server name.


NOTE:If the current URL is listed as http:\\ACME\PolicyServer\ShieldClient.asmx and the Policy Distribution Service has been installed on a new server, ACME 43, the URL should be updated as follows: http:\\ACME43\PolicyServer\ShieldClient.asmx.

After the URL has been updated, click OK to update all policies and send an automatic update of the Policy Distribution Service. This also updates the Management Service.

When changing the server URL, it is recommended that the old Policy Distribution Service not be terminated until the updated policies have a 100 percent adherence level. For more information, see Section 5.5, Using Reports).


The Scheduling components permit the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management administrator to designate when the Management Service will synchronize with other ZENworks Endpoint Security Management components, to ensure that all data and queued jobs match any recent activity, and to schedule the SQL maintenance jobs. All time increments are listed in minutes.

The following scheduling options are available:

  • Distribution Service: Sets the synchronization schedule with the Policy Distribution Service.

  • Policy Data and Activity: Sets the synchronization schedule with policy updates.

  • Management Data: Sets the policy synchronization with the Management Service.

  • Enterprise Structure: Sets the synchronization schedule with the enterprise directory service (eDirectory, Active Directory, NT Domain, and LDAP). Changes in the enterprise directory service are monitored so that corresponding changes in user-policy assignments are detected and sent to the Policy Distribution Service for Client authentication.

  • Client Reporting: Sets the frequency that the Management Service interrogates for and downloads reporting data from the Policy Distribution Service.

  • Keep Alert Data for x Days: Configures alerts based on a snapshot of data reported by the endpoints. To optimize performance, and to ensure that alerts are relevant to recent activity, you can se the storage threshold based on a number of days.

5.3.2 Authenticating Directories

Policies are distributed to end users by interrogating the Enterprise's existing directory service (eDirectory, Active Directory, and NT Domains). The Authenticating Directories service is responsible for handling end-user credentials and authentication issues for the Policy Distribution Service.

NT Domain is supported only when the Management Service is installed on a Windows 2000 or Windows 2000 advanced server (SP4).

An initial directory service is normally detected and monitored during the Management Service communication check at installation. Authenticating Directories can, if required, manage users from multiple directories and multiple directory platforms.

Figure 5-4 Authenticating Directories Window

All information, with the exception of the directory type may be updated.

To add a new directory service:

  1. Click New to launch the New Directory Service Configuration Wizard.

  2. Follow the prompts to complete the wizard. For detailed steps to complete the wizard, see Section 3.0, Configuring the Directory Service.

5.3.3 Service Synchronization

The Service Synchronization control lets you to force a synchronization of the Management Service and Policy Distribution Service. This updates all alerting, reporting, and policy distribution.

Figure 5-5 Service Synchronization

To update the current service status, click Refresh.

To restart the services and process the currently queued activities, click Synchronize.