E.0 ZENworks Imaging Engine Commands

After booting a device from an imaging boot media, you can use the img command at the Linux bash prompt or the ZENworks® Imaging Engine menu to do any of the following:

The ZENworks Imaging Engine is installed to the /bin directory on the imaging boot device. If the imaging boot device is a diskette, a CD, or DVD, the /bin directory is actually archived in the root file, which is expanded during the imaging boot process. If the imaging boot method is Preboot Services, the ZENworks Imaging Engine is downloaded to the device when booting.

Because the ZENworks Imaging Engine is a Linux application, the command syntax is case sensitive. The overall syntax is:

img [mode]

where mode is any of the modes described in the following sections:

Each mode can be abbreviated to the first letter of its name. For example, img dump can be abbreviated as img d.

To access the ZENworks Imaging Engine menu and perform all of these tasks, enter img with no parameters.