E.9 Information Mode (img info)

Use the Information mode to view the following:

To use the Information mode:

  1. Enter img to display the ZENworks Imaging Engine menu, click System information, then click Image-safe data or Detected hardware. (See Table E-11 for details.)


    Enter the following from the bash prompt:

    img info [zisd]


Table E-11 Information Mode Parameters

Menu item or parameter


System Information > Detected Hardware


info (from the bash prompt)

Lists the detected hardware devices on the device, including:

  • CPU chipset

  • BIOS asset tag

  • BIOS serial number

  • Video adapter

  • Network adapter

  • MAC address

  • Sound card

  • Hard drive controller

  • Hard disk capacity

  • Detected RAM

  • Boot media

System Information > Image Safe Data


img info zisd (from the bash prompt)

Lists the data currently stored in the image-safe area on the device. The items that comprise this data are listed in Section D.3, Image-Safe Data Viewer and Editor (zisview and zisedit).

In addition to the image-safe data, the last base image that was put down on the device is also listed.


Table E-12 Examples



img info

Lists the detected hardware devices on the device.

img info zisd

Lists the Linux Management image-safe data currently stored on the device and the last base image that was put down.