PlateSpin Migrate 9.2

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PlateSpin Migrate is a workload portability solution that automates the movement of server workloads-operating systems along with their applications and data-over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives. PlateSpin Migrate remotely decouples workloads from the underlying server hardware and streams them to and from physical or virtual hosts, all from a single point of control.

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Release Notes (Readme) view size last update
PlateSpin Migrate 9.2 Release Notes  html   pdf  .3 MB 09/27/2012
Installation view size last update
Installation Guide  html   pdf  .5 MB 09/27/2012
- Installing PlateSpin Migrate  html 
- Upgrading PlateSpin Migrate  html 
- Troubleshooting Installation Problems  html 
End User view size last update
User Guide  html   pdf  3 MB 09/27/2012
- PlateSpin Migrate Feature Overview  html 
- Post-Installation Configuration  html 
- Getting Started with PlateSpin Migrate  html 
- Workload Portability with Peer-to-Peer Workload Migrations  html 
- Workload Portability with a Flexible Image  html 
- Essentials of Workload Migration Jobs  html 
- Troubleshooting PlateSpin Migrate  html 
- Frequently Asked Questions  html 
- Glossary  html 
Previous Releases view size last update
PlateSpin Migrate 9.0.2       
- PlateSpin Migrate 9.0.2 Release Notes  html       09/30/2010
- PlateSpin Migrate 9.0.2 Installation Guide     pdf  .5 MB 10/07/2010
- PlateSpin Migrate 9.0.2 Configuration Guide     pdf  .5 MB 09/30/2010
- PlateSpin Migrate 9.0.2 User Guide     pdf  3 MB 10/20/2010
PlateSpin Migrate 9 (Release Notes)  html       07/30/2010

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