Package com.novell.nds.dirxml.util.mail

Class Summary
ByteArrayDataSource Implement DataSource interface for an array of bytes so that we can use this to set the data in a MimeBodyPart.
FileSource Class that will load file data from the file system or from the directory
MailConstants Collection of constants used in mail handler package.
MailHandler Implementation of CommandHandler that creates and sends SMTP messages based on a <mail> element.
MailMessage An extension of MimeMail message with a constructor that constructs the message from an XML description.
MailMessagePart Class to construct a MimeBodyPart based on an XML description.
MailMessagePart.SpecifiedMimeTypeMap Extension of FileTypeMap to allow a specify mime-type specified in the XML description to override whatever FileTypeMap would return
SendMail A class to generate email notifications
StylesheetSource Manager class that will find and construct XSLT stylesheets.
XmlDocumentSource Class to read and parse XML documents from either the directory or the file system.
XSLTHandler Class implementing XSLT interfaces ErrorHandler and MessageHandler to provide better integration with trace, etc.

Exception Summary
HandlerException Exception class designed to be thrown by command element handlers (e.g., com.novell.nds.dirxml.util.mail.MailHandler).