Package com.novell.nds.dirxml.util

Interface Summary
MessageSource Interface providing a standard way to obtain a localized message for tracing or other purposes.

Class Summary
CheckedMenuItem Abstract class for use with the Menu class.
CronSchedule Class to represent the schedule portion of a crontab-style specification.
CronSchedule.Field Class representing one field of a crontab schedule specification.
DocumentTemplate This class takes a template string containing replacement tokens and generates strings with substitutions made for the tokens.
DxCommand Command line program that supports various DirXML-related eDir verbs.
DxConst Class containing various DirXML-related constants.
DxDOMUtil A utility class for performing various common and useful DOM operations that are not part of the DOM specification.
DxWire Utility class to construct NDAP wire-format buffers for DirXML subverbs.
DxWire.DxWireData Utility class to aggregate wire-format data.
LocalizedMessageSource Class implementing the MessageSource interface for obtaining localized messages for tracing, status messages, etc.
Menu publc * Simple menu system for a command-line environment.
MenuItem Abstract class for use with the Menu class.
StringUtil A class to hold various string processing utility functions
XdsDN XdsDN is an abstract representation of a distinguished name

Exception Summary
CronSchedule.SpecException Exception class thrown to indicate a problem with a crontab schedule specification.