NDK: iManager 2.7 Developer Kit

iManager is a Web-based application you can use to easily build network management services that are accessible by Web browsers, PDAs, phones, and other devices.

This document explains how to use the iManager 2.7 Developer Kit (SDK) to create plug-ins for iManager. The SDK provides tools to develop and test iManager plug-ins. It includes iManager libraries, sample plug-ins, documentation, and a servlet container that is configured for testing iManager 2.7 plug-ins on your workstation. This SDK is designed to provide a standalone iManager plug-in development environment.

This guide contains the following sections:


This guide is intended for Java developers interested in creating plug-ins for iManager 2.7 and later.


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Documentation Updates

For the most recent version of this guide, see the iManager NDK page.

Additional Documentation

For the developer support postings for the iManager 2.7 SDK, see the related Developer Support Forum .

For the most recent version of this guide, see the iManager Developer Kit.

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