Java Examples

This sample database contains a collection of live code examples that illustrates techniques for developing client applications written in Java.

These examples reside in the Examples3_Java database.

This page covers the following topics:

Description of the Examples3_Java database    

When you develop Java clients in SilverStream, you create interactive forms that provide a powerful graphical front end to a database application. Besides providing an interactive user interface, forms are also programmable controls that have their own set of properties, methods, and events.

You can implement a form as a standalone container for other controls, as a subform on a container form, and as a dialog box that opens in a separate window.

Typically, you design a Java interface for clients when you want intranet users to run your application as a dedicated program. Types of Java clients include:

In the Examples3_Java database, you will find examples that demonstrate numerous techniques for developing Java clients, including:

How to get started    Top of page

To begin exploring these examples, follow these steps:

  1. install and run the Examples3_Java database.

    The application starts up in your browser, as shown:

  2. Browse through the list in the left navigation pane and select examples of interest.

    A description of the example you select appears in the right pane.
  3. Click the Show Example button to bring up the live example, as shown in this display:

    As you can see, this display includes a View Documentation button which, when pressed, brings up a detailed description of the technique illustrated in the example.

Java techniques    Top of page

    To learn how to implement Java techniques and access sample code that you can incorporate in your applications, go to Application Techniques in the help system: Java Client Techniques, Data Access Techniques, Core Programming Techniques, Triggered Business Object Techniques, and Administration Techniques.

Where to find more information    Top of page

    For more information about developing Java clients, see Form Designer in the Tools Guide and the following chapters in the Programmer's Guide: