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Using the JRadioButton Control

How to use the Swing radio button control on a form.

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Getting the control state   Top of page

The following code uses the getState() method to determine if a radio button (rbStandardHealth) is currently selected. It then uses setText() to place a corresponding value in a text label lblRBValue.

This code is for the actionPerformed event of rbStandardHealth.

  // If the Standard Health radio button is now selected,  
  // change the label to display the value 'Standard' 
    if (rbStandardHealth.getState()) 
        lblRBValue.setText("Value = Standard"); 

This code sets the button's value programmatically.


NOTE   When the user clicks a radio button, a valueChanged event occurs for all the radio buttons in the group. An actionPerformed event occurs for the clicked button. If a radio button's value changes programmatically, a valueChanged event occurs for all the buttons, even if the value does not actually change (for example, the state of more than one button may remain false).

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