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Uses of Interface

Packages that use SwingConstants
javax.swing Provides a set of "lightweight" (all-Java language) components that, to the maximum degree possible, work the same on all platforms. 
javax.swing.plaf.basic Provides user interface objects built according to the Basic look-and-feel. 
javax.swing.plaf.metal Provides user interface objects built according to the ``metal'' look-and-feel. 
javax.swing.table Provides classes and interfaces for dealing with java.awt.swing.JTable. 
javax.swing.text Provides classes and interfaces that deal with editable and noneditable text components. 
javax.swing.text.html Provides the class HTMLEditorKit and supporting classes for creating HTML text editors. 
javax.swing.tree Provides classes and interfaces for dealing with java.awt.swing.JTree. 

Uses of SwingConstants in javax.swing

Classes in javax.swing that implement SwingConstants
 class AbstractButton
          Defines the common behaviors for the JButton, JToggleButton, JCheckbox, and the JRadioButton classes.
 class DefaultListCellRenderer
          Renders an item in a list.
static class DefaultListCellRenderer.UIResource
          A subclass of DefaultListCellRenderer that implements UIResource.
 class JButton
          An implementation of a "push" button.
 class JCheckBox
          An implementation of a CheckBox -- an item that can be selected or deselected, and which displays its state to the user.
 class JCheckBoxMenuItem
          A menu item that can be selected or deselected.
 class JLabel
          A display area for a short text string or an image, or both.
 class JMenu
          An implementation of a menu -- a popup window containing JMenuItems that is displayed when the user selects an item on the JMenuBar.
 class JMenuItem
          An implementation of a MenuItem.
 class JPasswordField
          JPasswordField is a lightweight component that allows the editing of a single line of text where the view indicates something was typed, but does not show the original characters.
static class JPopupMenu.Separator
          A popupmenu-specific separator.
 class JProgressBar
          A component that displays an integer value within a bounded interval.
 class JRadioButton
          An implementation of a radio button -- an item that can be selected or deselected, and which displays its state to the user.
 class JRadioButtonMenuItem
          An implementation of a RadioButtonMenuItem.
 class JSeparator
          An implementation of a Menu Separator -- a divider between menu items that breaks them up into logical groupings.
 class JSlider
          A component that lets the user graphically select a value by slding a knob within a bounded interval.
 class JTabbedPane
          A component which lets the user switch between a group of components by clicking on a tab with a given title and/or icon.
 class JTextField
          JTextField is a lightweight component that allows the editing of a single line of text.
 class JToggleButton
          An implementation of a two-state button.
 class JToolBar
          JToolBar provides a component which is useful for displaying commonly used Actions or controls.
static class JToolBar.Separator
          A toolbar-specific separator.
 class SwingUtilities
          A collection of utility methods for Swing.

Uses of SwingConstants in javax.swing.plaf.basic

Classes in javax.swing.plaf.basic that implement SwingConstants
 class BasicArrowButton
          JButton object that draws a scaled Arrow in one of the cardinal directions.
 class BasicComboBoxRenderer
          ComboBox renderer
static class BasicComboBoxRenderer.UIResource
          A subclass of BasicComboBoxRenderer that implements UIResource.
protected  class BasicInternalFrameUI.BorderListener
          Listens for border adjustments.
 class BasicScrollBarUI
          Implementation of ScrollBarUI for the Basic Look and Feel
 class BasicTabbedPaneUI
          A Basic L&F implementation of TabbedPaneUI.
 class BasicToolBarUI
          A Basic L&F implementation of ToolBarUI.

Uses of SwingConstants in javax.swing.plaf.metal

Classes in javax.swing.plaf.metal that implement SwingConstants
static class MetalBorders.ToolBarBorder
 class MetalComboBoxButton
          JButton subclass to help out MetalComboBoxUI
protected  class MetalFileChooserUI.FileRenderer
 class MetalFileChooserUI.FilterComboBoxRenderer
          Render different type sizes and styles.
 class MetalScrollBarUI
          Implementation of ScrollBarUI for the Metal Look and Feel
 class MetalScrollButton
          JButton object for Metal scrollbar arrows.
 class MetalTabbedPaneUI
          The Metal subclass of BasicTabbedPaneUI.
 class MetalToolBarUI
          A Metal Look and Feel implementation of ToolBarUI.

Uses of SwingConstants in javax.swing.table

Classes in javax.swing.table that implement SwingConstants
 class DefaultTableCellRenderer
          The standard class for rendering (displaying) individual cells in a JTable.
static class DefaultTableCellRenderer.UIResource
          A subclass of DefaultTableCellRenderer that implements UIResource.

Uses of SwingConstants in javax.swing.text

Classes in javax.swing.text that implement SwingConstants
 class BoxView
          A view that arranges its children into a box shape by tiling it's children along an axis.
 class ComponentView
          Component decorator that implements the view interface.
 class CompositeView
          A view that is composed of other views (has children).
 class FieldView
          Extends the multi-line plain text view to be suitable for a single-line editor view.
 class IconView
          Icon decorator that implements the view interface.
 class LabelView
          A LabelView is a styled chunk of text that represents a view mapped over an element in the text model.
 class ParagraphView
          View of a simple line-wrapping paragraph that supports multiple fonts, colors, components, icons, etc.
 class PasswordView
          Implements a View suitable for use in JPasswordField UI implementations.
 class PlainView
          Implements View interface for a simple multi-line text view that has text in one font and color.
 class TableView
           Implements View interface for a table, that is composed of an element structure where the child elements of the element this view is responsible for represent rows and the child elements of the row elements are cells.
 class TableView.TableCell
          Deprecated. A table cell can now be any View implementation.
 class TableView.TableRow
          View of a row in a row-centric table.
 class View
           A very important part of the text package is the View class.
 class WrappedPlainView
          View of plain text (text with only one font and color) that does line-wrapping.

Uses of SwingConstants in javax.swing.text.html

Classes in javax.swing.text.html that implement SwingConstants
 class BlockView
          A view implementation to display a block (as a box) with CSS specifications.
 class FormView
          Component decorator that implements the view interface for form elements, <input>, <textarea>, and <select>.
 class InlineView
          Displays the inline element styles based upon css attributes.
 class ListView
          A view implementation to display an html list
 class ObjectView
          Component decorator that implements the view interface for <object> elements.

Uses of SwingConstants in javax.swing.tree

Classes in javax.swing.tree that implement SwingConstants
 class DefaultTreeCellEditor.DefaultTextField
          TextField used when no editor is supplied.
 class DefaultTreeCellRenderer
          Displays an entry in a tree.

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