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Class AgcButtonImage

All Implemented Interfaces:
Accessible, AgiControl, AgiHelpInfo, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable

public class AgcButtonImage
extends AgcButtonRaw

The AgcButtonImage control (Image Button) is a means for associating a single or multiple .GIF or .JPG images with one of the following button types: Toggle, Radio, or Push.

Once the type of button control has been chosen (by specifying the Button Type property) the Image button takes on some of the properties associated with that button type. For example, if Button Type = Radio Button, then a Radio Button Group can be established for the Image button. Note, however, that even though the button type affects some of the properties of the image button, image buttons are always instances of the AgcButtonImage class.

The primary image for the button is called the Up Image. This image is displayed when the button is in the up, or unpressed, state. A different image can be specified to display when the button is in the down, or pressed, state. If the button is a Push button type, then the down image is displayed only while the user is holding the mouse button down while the cursor is over the button. If the button is a Toggle or Radio button type, then the down image displays when the button is in the pressed state.

Any SilverStream button control can be defined as the default button for the form or the cancel button for the form. When a button is defined as the default button for the form, its actionPerformed event fires when the user presses Enter while on the form regardless of the control that has focus (unless the control that has focus supports an event for the Enter key, for example Text Area). When a button is defined as the cancel button for a form, its actionPerformed event fires when the user presses the ESC key while focus is anywhere on the form.

Button Type, Cancel Button, Caption Expression, Caption Text, Control Type, Default Button, Down Image, Enabled, Font Name, Font Size, Font Style, Height, Help Page, Hover Image, Hover Mode, Hover Text Color, Left, Name, Radio Button Group, Tool Tip, Top, Transparent, Up Image, Visible, Width
actionPerformed, focusGained, focusLost, keyPressed, keyReleased, keyTyped, mouseClicked, mouseDragged, mouseEntered, mouseExited, mouseMoved, mousePressed, mouseReleased, validationFailed, validationTest, valueChanged
See Also:
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addActionListener, getButtonGroup, getDisabledDownImage, getDisabledTextColor, getDisabledUpImage, getDownImage, getDownToolTipText, getForeground, getHoverImage, getHoverMode, getHoverTextColor, getImagePosition, getPush, getRadio, getState, getText, getTextBackgroundColor, getTextColor, getToggle, getUpImage, getValue, removeActionListener, setBackground, setButtonGroup, setCheckedValue, setDisabledDownImage, setDisabledTextColor, setDisabledUpImage, setDownImage, setDownToolTipText, setForeground, setHoverImage, setHoverMode, setHoverTextColor, setImagePosition, setPush, setRadio, setState, setText, setTextBackgroundColor, setTextColor, setToggle, setUncheckedValue, setUpImage, setValue, simulateClick
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Constructor Detail


public AgcButtonImage()

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