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Class AgcData

All Implemented Interfaces:
Accessible, AgiControl, AgiHelpInfo, AgiRowCursor, AgiRowCursorSort, AgiRowCursorViewSupport, AgiRowSetEventProducer, AgiRowSetManager, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable
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public class AgcData
extends com.sssw.rt.form.PvInvisibleControlBase
implements AgiRowCursor, AgiRowCursorViewSupport, AgiRowSetEventProducer, AgiRowSetManager, AgiRowCursorSort

This invisible control allows users access to a data set that is independent of the rest of the form.

By default, all SilverStream forms are bound to a primary dataset. The binding occurs through an instance variable on the form called agData.

Multiple datasets are permitted on a single form by adding as many AgcData controls to the form as there are datasets to be accessed. Note that any operations that attempt to change the database contents (such as delete()) or the database structure (such as appendChild()) are not committed to the database until the updateRows() method is called. During the session, SilverStream saves all of these changes in a buffer, and when updateRows() is called, all of the database requests are submitted to the database server. All of the database requests must succeed; if any one fails all requests will be discarded and an exception is thrown.

Note: The ancestor methods in this class, that is all methods inherited from the non-public PvInvisibleControlBase (including JComponent and Component) are not visible at run time, and are primarily for use by SilverStream. The useful methods are contained in the AgcData class itself.

Business Object Name, Column Expressions, Distinct, Limit Rows, Load Data, Maximum Rows, Name, Order By, Table, Where Clause
cursorChanged, cursorPreChange, dataReceivedAsync, dataReloaded, rowDataChanged, rowDeleted, rowInserted, rowPreDelete, rowPreInsert
See Also:
Serialized Form

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Object invokeQuery(Object param)
          Invokes the business object for which this AgcData is the proxy.
 void setDataSource(String busObjSpec)
          Lets you programmatically switch the source of data for the AgcData control at runtime.
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Constructor Detail


public AgcData()
Method Detail


public void setDataSource(String busObjSpec)
Lets you programmatically switch the source of data for the AgcData control at runtime.
busObjSpec - the name of the data source object, including its package name.

You might do some data binding to an AgcData and then switch from one data source to another one that has the same fields, but different selection criteria or a different actual source of data.

You invoke the data source object by calling AgcData.invokeQuery().



public Object invokeQuery(Object param)
                   throws Exception
Invokes the business object for which this AgcData is the proxy.
param - an argument passed to the business object.

If this call succeeds, initialize the AgcData object with the resulting data source.

If the business object throws an exception this method will throw it as well.

 catch (Exception e)

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