Application Server 3.5

Class AgcJEditorPane

All Implemented Interfaces:
Accessible, AgiHelpInfo, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Scrollable, Serializable

public class AgcJEditorPane
extends JEditorPane
implements AgiHelpInfo

A lightweight component that provides an editing area for text. The AgcJEditorPane class extends javax.swing.JEditorPane, adding data binding.

JEditorPane is a text component that enables editing of various kinds of content. This component uses implementations of the EditorKit to accomplish its behavior. It effectively morphs into the proper kind of text editor for the kind of content it is given. The content type that editor is bound to at any given time is determined by the EditorKit currently installed. If the content is set to a new URL, its type is used to determine the EditorKit that should be used to load the content.

By default, the following types of content are known:

There are several ways to load content into an editor pane: