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Class AgoColumnSpacer


public final class AgoColumnSpacer
extends AgoColumnBase

AgoColumnSpacer objects are a special kind of column format. They let you insert columns (with no data) of a fixed width. You can use them to define the look and feel of a view by adding space between columns containing data or images. AgoColumnSpacer objects are particularly useful when you want to define unequal column spacing.

Constructor Summary
AgoColumnSpacer(int width, boolean visible, boolean transparent, Color backgroundColor, int borderType)
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Constructor Detail


public AgoColumnSpacer(int width,
                       boolean visible,
                       boolean transparent,
                       Color backgroundColor,
                       int borderType)
width - width of visible column, in pixels
visible - true means column is hidden
transparent - true means column is transparent
backgroundColor - background color of visible column
borderType - border type of visible column. For borderType values, see the setBorderType() method

You can dynamically change the initial property settings for the AgoColumnSpacer using the set...() and get...() methods of the same name; however, you must call the AgcView.setAgoViewFormat() to repaint the view and make your changes visible.

	AgoColumnSpacer colSpc = new AgoColumnSpacer(100, // width in pixels
		true,		               // visible
		false,		               // not transparent
		Color.white,	               // background color
		AgoColumnSpacer.BORDER_NONE);  // border type
See Also:
AgoColumnBase.setBorderType(int borderType)

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