Application Server 3.5

Interface AgiDataUpdateRequestFactory

public interface AgiDataUpdateRequestFactory

This interface is a piece of the low-level row-based access to data sources provided by the AgiDataSource interface family. This interface is specifically implemented by data source providers that can support update operations; it defines an "update factory" that is used to construct update requests, which are subsequently filled in with data rows to be updated and then "executed".

See the related interfaces AgiDataRow and AgiDataUpdateRequest.

Method Summary
 AgiDataUpdateRequest prepareUpdateRequest(AgiDataSource dataSource, AgiDataRowFactory rowFactory)
          Prepare an update request to be executed against the data source.

Method Detail


public AgiDataUpdateRequest prepareUpdateRequest(AgiDataSource dataSource,
                                                 AgiDataRowFactory rowFactory)
                                          throws AgoApiException
Prepare an update request to be executed against the data source. The update request can then be "filled" with rows to be inserted, deleted, updated, or published, and then executed. If the update request is not executed, it should be closed.
dataSource - The data source associated with this update request
rowFactory - The data row factory to be used in constructing rows returned from the factory (modified data rows)
new, empty update request
AgoApiException - if an error occurs

Application Server 3.5