Application Server 3.5

Class AgoDataException

All Implemented Interfaces:
AgiParentedException, Serializable
Direct Known Subclasses:
AgoDataConcurrencyException, AgoInvalidDataException, AgoMissingDataException

public class AgoDataException
extends AgoApiException

The base class of declared exceptions thrown by methods in the public API for bad data. Typically, this exception is thrown when the data is rejected by the server.


 // This code attached to a save button on a form checks to see if data in
 // the dataset has changed, and if so, updates the data source.
 try {
 	// If any data changed
 	if (agData.haveRowsChanged()) {
 catch (AgoDataException e) {
 	// A user either failed to enter a value in the form or a value they
 	// entered was not valid.  Tell the user.
 	agGeneral.showMessage ("Error",
 		"Data in the form is either missing or invalid.  Please try again.");

See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Object getSource()
          Get the source of the exception.
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Constructor Detail


public AgoDataException()
Method Detail


public Object getSource()
Get the source of the exception. This will typically be a subform, subpage, or control.

This method would be used with forms that contain subforms or subviews with tables associated with them and an updateRows() is performed in the top level form. This method will return the subform or subview from which the data exception originated.

 Object src = e.getSource();

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