A.0 Revision History

The following table lists changes made to the GroupWise Web Services documentation (in reverse chronological order):



February 2016

Made the following update:

June 2013

Made the following update:

  • Clarified the message/RTF view string in Views.

November 2012

Reviewed and updated for use with GroupWise 2012.

Made the following updates:

  • Updated the links for TCP trace utilities in Trace Utilities

  • Removed the username element from the TrustedApplication element because it is no longer valid.

  • Added the mainversion element to the Proxy element.

October 2011

Added changes for GroupWise 2012 (and some additional changes for earlier versions), including:

December 2008

Added changes for GroupWise 8, including:

May 2008

Added changes for GroupWise 7 SP3, including:

August 2007

Added changes for GroupWise 7 SP2, including:

June 2007

Added links to referenced methods and to the GroupWise Web Services Event documentation.

Changed the description of createItemRequest.

February 2007

Added as an NDK component.