22.2 Setting Up a Basic Library

You should already have reviewed Section 22.1, Planning a Basic Library and filled out Section 22.7.1, Basic Library Worksheet. Complete the following tasks to set up a new basic library:

22.2.1 Creating the Basic Library

To create a new library:

  1. Make sure the POA is running for the post office that will own the new basic library.

  2. In ConsoleOne, browse to and right-click the Novell eDirectory container where you want to create the library (worksheet item 1), then click New > Object.

    New Object dialog box
  3. Double-click GroupWise Library, then fill in the fields in the Create GroupWise Library dialog box (worksheet items 2 through 6).

    Create GroupWise Library dialog box
  4. Click Define Additional Properties, then click OK to create the Library object and display the library Identification page.

    Library Identification property page
  5. Fill in the Description field (worksheet item 7).

  6. If necessary, edit the Display Name field (worksheet item 8).

  7. Click OK to save the library information.

  8. Test the new library. See Section 22.5, Viewing a New Library in Your GroupWise System.

Although there are many configuration options for libraries and documents, as described in Section 22.3, Planning Full-Service Libraries, no additional setup is required for a basic library. GroupWise client users can begin to store documents in the new library at once.