22.4 Setting Up a Full-Service Library

You should have already reviewed Section 22.3, Planning Full-Service Libraries and filled out Section 22.7.2, Full-Service Library Worksheet for each new library. Before starting to create new libraries, be sure your system meets the following prerequisites:

After the prerequisites are met, you are ready set up one or more full-service libraries.

22.4.1 Creating the Full-Service Library

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the eDirectory tree where you want to create the library.

    This must be the same tree as the post office the library will belong to (worksheet item 3).

  2. In ConsoleOne, browse to and right-click the eDirectory container where you want to create the library (worksheet item 1), then click New > Object.

    New Object dialog box
  3. Double-click GroupWise Library, then fill in the fields in the New Library dialog box (worksheet items 2 through 6).

    Create GroupWise Library dialog box
  4. Click Define Additional Properties, then click OK to create the new Library object and display the library Identification page.

    Library Identification property page
  5. Fill in the fields (worksheet items 7 through 10).

  6. Click GroupWise > Rights to display the Rights page.

    Rights property page
  7. In the Public Rights box, deselect any rights you want to remove from all library users (worksheet item 11).

  8. If you want to set up one or more librarians, click Add, browse to and select one or more users or distribution lists (worksheet item 12), then click OK. Select the users and distribution lists, then select Manage (Librarian) to give them rights to the properties of all documents in the library.

  9. Click OK to save the library information.

  10. Test the library. See Section 22.5, Viewing a New Library in Your GroupWise System.

22.4.2 What’s Next

After you have created the new library, you can expand its capabilities as needed: