GroupWise Client User Guide

  GroupWise Client User Guide
    Getting Started
      Installing the GroupWise Client
      Logging In to GroupWise
        Assigning a Password to Your Mailbox without LDAP Authentication
        Using Advanced Authentication
      Using the Home Folder
      Displaying QuickViewer
        Turning QuickViewer On and Off
        Positioning the QuickViewer
        Using QuickViewer
      Using the Windows Taskbar to Perform Key Tasks
      Exploring the Folder List
        Home Folder
        Mailbox Folder
        Sent Items Folder
        Calendar Folder
        Frequent Contacts Folder
        Tasklist Folder
        Documents Folder
        Cabinet Folder
        Work in Progress Folder
        Junk Mail Folder
        Trash Folder
        Shared Folders
        IMAP4 Account Folder
        NNTP Newsgroup Account Folder
        RSS Feeds Folder
      Understanding GroupWise Item Types
        Reminder Note
        Phone Message
      Personalizing the GroupWise Interface
        Understanding the Main GroupWise Window
        Understanding the Main Menu
        Understanding the Nav Bar
        Understanding the Main Toolbar
        Understanding Item Lists
      Identifying Icons That Appear Next to Items
      Learning More
        Online Help
        GroupWise Welcome Tab
        GroupWise Documentation Web Page
        Quick Starts
        GroupWise Community
     Getting Organized
      Customizing the GroupWise Interface
        Selecting a GroupWise Scheme
        Customizing Individual GroupWise Appearance Settings
        Customizing the Main Toolbar
        Setting Your Default Start Folder
        Setting Default Views for Reading
        Setting the Default Read/Compose View and Font
        Setting the QuickViewer Default Behavior
        Changing Your Default Item Views
        Automatically Reading the Next Item in Your Mailbox
        Changing the GroupWise Interface Language
      Using Categories to Organize Items
        Understanding Categories
        Assigning Categories to Items
        Working with Categories
      Using Folders to Organize Your Mailbox
        Understanding Folder Lists
        Displaying Folder Lists
        Working with Folders
        Managing Item Lists in Folders
        Customizing Folder Display Settings
        Understanding Find Results Folders
        Using Shared Folders
      Using Panels to Organize Your Home Folder
        Understanding Panels
        Resizing a Panel
        Moving a Panel
        Customizing a Panel
        Creating a New Panel
        Removing a Panel
        Exporting and Importing Home View Settings
      Integrating Zoom Meetings
        Integrating Zoom with GroupWise
        Enabling the GroupWise Connection for Zoom
        Configuring a Proxy for Zoom Scheduling
        Removing Zoom Integration
      Customizing Other GroupWise Functionality
        Changing GroupWise Modes
        Changing Your Time Zone
        Setting the Interval for Refreshing GroupWise
        Configuring Emoji Settings
        Customizing Date and Time Formats
      Understanding Filr Integration
        GroupWise Versus Filr Controls
        Filr Attachment Behavior in the GroupWise Client
      Sending Email
        Selecting the Default Compose View
        Composing Email
        Using Mentions in Send Items
        Formatting Email
        Spell Checking Messages
        Attaching Files
        Adding a Signature or vCard
        Using Alternate From Addresses
        Routing Mail to Multiple Recipients Consecutively
        Sending S/MIME Secure Messages
        Saving Unfinished Email
        Selecting Send Options
        Sending Email with Mail Merge
        Posting a Sticky Note
        Sending Phone Messages
      Managing Sent Email
        Personalizing Sent Email
        Working with Sent Items
        Retracting Sent Email
        Resending Email
        Editing Sent Appointments, Tasks, and Reminder Notes
        Duplicating Sent Email
        Replying to Sent Email
        Confirming Delivery of Email You Send
      Receiving and Replying to Email
        Reading Received Email
        Reading Attachments
        Replying to Email
        Reading and Replying Using Conversation Threading
        Forwarding Email
        Calling Phone Numbers in Email
      Managing Received Email
        Personalizing Sent or Received Email
        Changing Email to Another Item Type
        Saving Received Email to Disk or a GroupWise Library
        Deleting Email
        Viewing the Discussion Thread of an Email
        Displaying Only Unread Messages
        Viewing the Source of External Messages
        Archiving and Backing Up Email
      Printing Email
        Selecting a Printer
        Printing Email with Attachments
        Displaying a Header
        Changing the Default Printed Font Size on Plain Text Items
        Printing an Item List
        Configuring the Default Print Option for a Large Distribution of Recipients
      Handling Unwanted Email (Spam)
        Understanding Junk Mail Handling
        Blocking or Junking All Email from a Particular User
        Blocking or Junking Email from a Particular Internet Domain
        Junking Email from Users Not In a Personal Address Book
        Preventing Email from a User or Internet Domain from Being Junked or Blocked
        Modifying Junk Mail Handling Lists and Settings
        Automatically Deleting Items from the Junk Mail Folder
        Manually Deleting Items from the Junk Mail Folder
      Understanding the Calendar
      Viewing Your Calendar
        Customizing Your Calendar Views When Viewing a Calendar
        Switching Appointment Display Options
        Selecting Calendars to Display
        Viewing a Different Date in the Calendar
        Viewing All Day Events in the Calendar
        Navigating in the Calendar
        Displaying Two Time Zones in the Calendar
        Working with Time and Date Differences
        Understanding the Calendar Item Icons
        Understanding Calendar Shading
        Viewing Any Folder As a Calendar
        Opening a New Calendar View
      Managing Your Calendar
        Reading a Calendar Entry
        Creating a Personal Calendar
        Customizing a New Calendar
        Sending a Calendar
        Exporting a Calendar
        Importing a Calendar
      Sending Calendar Items
        Understanding Calendar Items
        Scheduling Appointments
        Scheduling Meetings with Zoom
        Sending Reminder Notes
        Scheduling Recurring Items
      Receiving Calendar Items
        Accepting or Declining Calendar Items
        Accepting or Declining Internet Items
        Propose New Time for an Appointment
        Inviting Others or Delegating and Deleting Calendar Items
        Changing Calendar Item Types
        Saving Calendar Items
      Setting Calendar Alarms
        Setting the Default Alarm
        Setting an Alarm on a Calendar Item
      Sharing a Personal Calendar
        Sharing an Existing Personal Calendar with Other Users
        Posting a Calendar Entry to a Shared Calendar
      Subscribing to an Internet Calendar
        Manually Subscribing to an Internet Calendar
        Subscribing to an Internet Calendar from a Link
        Editing a Subscribed Internet Calendar
        Deleting a Subscribed Internet Calendar
      Publishing Personal Calendars on the Internet
        Publishing Restrictions
        Publishing a Personal Calendar
        Modifying a Published Calendar’s Settings
        Displaying and Hiding Published Calendars
        Unpublishing a Calendar
      Sharing Your Free/Busy Schedule on the Internet
        Publishing Your Free/Busy Schedule
        Sending Free/Busy Information
        Using Free/Busy Information
      Using the Multi-User Calendar
        Setting Up a Calendar to View Multiple Users or Resources
        Setting Up Additional Calendars to View Multiple Users and Resources
        Configuring Which Users Are Displayed in the Multi-User Calendar
        Creating an Appointment for Users in the Multi-User Calendar
        Creating a Multi-User Columns Calendar View
      Displaying Another User’s Calendar in Your Own Calendar
      Printing a Calendar
        Printing Your Main Calendar
        Printing a Specific Calendar
        Printing the Calendars of Multiple Users
      Junking Calendar Items from Unknown Senders
    Tasks and the Tasklist
      Understanding Tasks
      Understanding Quick Tasks/Follow-up Flags
      Understanding the Tasklist Folder
      Using Tasks
        Assigning a Task
        Tracking Task Completion
      Using Quick Tasks/Follow-up Flags
        Setting a Due Date
        Changing the Completion Percentage
        Configure/Set Alarm
        Quick Tasklist Options
        Removing an Item from the Tasklist
        View as Tasklist/View Details
      Using the Tasklist Folder
        Adding an Item to the Tasklist Folder
        Creating a Tasklist in a Folder Other Than the Tasklist Folder
        Organizing the Tasklist Folder
        Assigning a Due Date and Time to a Tasklist Item
        Tracking Status in the Tasklist Folder
        Printing the Contents of Your Tasklist Folder
    Contacts and Address Books
      Understanding Address Books
        GroupWise Address Book
        Frequent Contacts Address Book
        Personal Address Books
        LDAP Address Book
      Understanding Contacts Folders
      Addressing Items
        Using Name Completion
        Using the Address Selector
        Using the Frequent Contacts Address Book
        Sending Mail from a Contacts Folder
        Sending Mail from the Address Book
        Sending Mail to an Entire Address Book
      Using Contacts Folders
        Creating a Contacts Folder
        Managing Contacts
        Managing Groups
        Managing Resources
        Managing Organizations
      Working with Address Books
        Opening an Address Book
        Creating a Personal Address Book
        Editing a Personal or Frequent Contacts Address Book
        Renaming a Personal Address Book
        Copying a Personal Address Book
        Deleting a Personal Address Book
        Setting Address Book Properties
        Using Predefined Filters for the Frequent Contacts Address Book
        Sharing an Address Book with Another User
        Accepting a Shared Address Book
        Synchronizing Address Book Entries
        Displaying Quick Info
        Viewing Contacts, Groups, Organizations, or Resources in an Address Book
        Editing a Distribution List in the GroupWise Address Book
        Searching for Address Book Entries
        Customizing an Address Book Display
        Sorting an Address Book
        Importing and Exporting Addresses and Address Books
        Using the LDAP Address Book
      Changing Your System Address Book Picture
      Printing Labels and Lists from the Address Book
        Printing Labels
        Printing Lists
    Finding Items
      Understanding Find
      Understanding the Filter
        Using the Filter as a Quick-Finder
        Using the Filter to Launch a Specific Find Option
      Finding Items in a Folder
        Filtering Items
      Finding Items Anywhere in Your Mailbox
        Using Find
        Finding Contacts
      Using Advanced Find
        Composing an Advanced Find
        Selecting Fields in Advanced Finds and Rules
        Using Operators in Advanced Finds and Rules
        Using Wildcard Characters and Switches in Advanced Finds and Rules
      Understanding Notify
      Starting Notify
        Starting Notify When GroupWise Starts
        Starting Notify from the Windows Start Menu
      Using Notify
      Customizing Notify
        Setting How Long to Display the Notification
        Setting Notification for New Items
        Setting Which Folders to Check for New Items
        Setting How Often to Check for New Items
        Configuring Notification for Calendar Alarms
        Configuring Notification for Outgoing Message Status
        Configuring Notification about Return Status Messages
      Being Notified of Someone Else’s Messages
      Turning Off Notification
      Understanding Rules
      Actions a Rule Can Perform
      Events That Trigger a Rule
      Creating a Rule
        Creating a Basic Rule
        Creating an Auto Reply Rule
        Creating an Out of Office Rule
        Creating a Rule to Forward All Mail to Another Account
        Creating a Rule that Sends a New Email
        Copying a Rule to Make a New Rule
        Limiting Items Affected by a Rule
      Editing a Rule
      Enabling or Disabling a Rule
      Running a Rule Manually
      Deleting a Rule
    Mailbox and Calendar Access for Proxy Users
      Understanding Proxy Access
      Granting Proxy Rights as a Mailbox Owner
      Protecting Private Items as a Mailbox Owner
      Becoming a Proxy User in Another User’s Mailbox
    Caching and Remote Modes
      Using Caching Mode
        Understanding Caching Features
        Setting Up Your Caching Mailbox
        Changing to Caching Mode
        Setting Caching Properties
        Working in Caching Mode
        Changing the Download Interval Time for Your Caching Mailbox
        Synchronizing Your Caching Mailbox with Your Online Mailbox
        Opening a Different Version of a Document in Your Caching Mailbox
        Viewing Pending Requests
        Displaying Connection Status
      Using Remote Mode
        Preparing to Use Remote Mode
        Setting a Remote Password
        Understanding Remote Connection Types
        Understanding Remote Features
        Sending Remote Requests
        Processing Remote Requests
        Sending and Retrieving Items in Remote Mode
        Configuring Offline Send/Retrieve
    POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
      Understanding POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
        Understanding POP3 Accounts
        Understanding IMAP4 Accounts
      Adding POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts to GroupWise
      Configuring POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
      Using POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
        Using POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts in Online Mode
        Using POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts in Remote and Caching Modes
        Changing the Duration for POP3 and IMAP4 Server Timeouts
        Using SSL to Connect to a POP3 or IMAP4 Server
        Downloading Items from POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
        Sending POP3 and IMAP4 Mail from GroupWise
        Deleting an Item from a POP3 or IMAP4 Account
      POP3 Features
        Storing Your Items on a POP3 Mail Server
        Deleting Items from a POP3 Mail Server
      IMAP4 Features
        Subscribing and Unsubscribing to IMAP4 Folders
        Alphabetizing the Folders in an IMAP4 Account
        Downloading Only the Header (Subject) for IMAP4 Accounts
        Downloading Voice Mail Attachments through an IMAP4 Account
        Deleting Items from an IMAP4 Mail Server
      Setting Up Newsgroups
        Adding a News Account
        Subscribing or Unsubscribing to a Newsgroup
      Working with Newsgroup Messages
        Reading Newsgroup Messages
        Posting a New Discussion to a Newsgroup
        Replying to a Message in a Newsgroup
        Marking Messages According to Your Interests
        Adding a Signature to All Newsgroup Items You Send
        Changing the Display Name for Newsgroup Postings
        Deleting a Newsgroup Message
      Working with Newsgroups
        Collapsing or Expanding All Threads in a Newsgroup
        Performing a Search on a Newsgroup Server
        Specifying Download Settings for Individual Newsgroups
        Updating the Local Newsgroup Folder
        Deleting a News Account
    RSS Feeds
      Subscribing to RSS Feeds
        Internet Explorer
      Reading RSS Feeds
      Refreshing an RSS Feed
      Deleting an Individual RSS Entry
      Deleting a Subscribed RSS Feed
    Document Management
      Additional Document Management Solutions
    Maintaining GroupWise
      Managing Non-Standard Login Requirements
        Logging In to Your Mailbox from Another User’s Workstation
        Logging In to Your Mailbox from a Shared Workstation
      Managing Mailbox Passwords
        Getting Help When You Have Forgotten Your Password
        Using LDAP Authentication instead of GroupWise Passwords
        Adding, Changing, and Removing Your Password
        Bypassing Your GroupWise or LDAP Password
        Using Mailbox Passwords in Caching Mode
        Using Mailbox Passwords in Remote Mode
        Using Mailbox Passwords with Proxies
      Archiving Email
        Understanding Your Archive
        Specifying Where Archives Are Stored
        Moving an Item to the Archive
        Archiving Items Automatically
        Viewing Archived Items
        Unarchiving Items
        Moving Your Archive from One Location to Another
        Combining Archived Items from Multiple Archives
      Using Mailbox Storage Size Information
        Viewing Your Mailbox Size Information
        Deleting Email by Using Mailbox Storage Size Information
        Archiving Email by Using Mailbox Storage Size Information
      Using Remote Library Disk Space Management
      Backing Up Email
        Backing Up Your Mailbox
        Restoring Items from Backup
      Repairing Your Mailbox
        Understanding Mailbox Maintenance
        Deciding Whether Your Mailbox Needs Repair
        Installing GroupWise Check
        Analyzing and Fixing Databases
        Rebuilding the Mailbox Structure
      Managing Trash
        Displaying Items in Your Trash
        Undeleting an Item in Your Trash
        Saving an Item From Your Trash
        Emptying the Trash
      Remembering Client State on Crash
      GroupWise Support Information
    Text Messages and Instant Messaging
      Sending SMS Text Messages
        Specifying a User’s Cellular Service Provider
        Sending an SMS Text Message Directly to a Mobile Phone
      Using Instant Messaging
    What’s New in the GroupWise Client
      GroupWise 23.4
      GroupWise 18.5
    GroupWise Frequently Asked Questions
    Startup Options
      GroupWise Startup Options
      Using a GroupWise Startup Option
    Shortcut Keys
      General Shortcuts
      Item Shortcuts
      Item List Shortcuts
      Text Shortcuts
      Miscellaneous Shortcuts
    Accessibility for People with Disabilities
    GroupWise Basic Tasks
      Creating an Appointment
      Sending an Email
      Creating a Custom Message Rule
      Managing Your Signatures
      Creating a Search Folder
      Working in Offline Mode
      Managing Folders
      Delegate/Proxy Account Access
      Tasks and Tasklists
    Legal Notices