4.7 Creating the Filr Cluster

For one of the Filr appliances that you are clustering, do the following:

  1. In the Appliance Administration Utility (port 9443), click Clustering.

  2. Use the Clustering dialog to enable clustering and connect the Filr appliance to the Filr Search appliances for memcached support.

    Figure 4-11 illustrates that the first Filr appliance is configured with both Filr Search appliances in the cluster, and that information is then propagated to all other Filr appliances.

    Figure 4-11 Configuring the Filr appliances for clustering

    1. Click Enable Clustered Environment.

      Figure 4-12 Enabling Clustering on Filr-1 (IP address

    2. In the Server Address field, type a space-separated list of each Filr Search appliance in the cluster in the form Filrsearch-1_IP_Address_or_Hostname Filrsearch-2_IP_Address_or_Hostname.

    3. Click OK, then click Reconfigure Filr Server.

      The search appliance information is propagated to each appliance in the list, so you only need to type the list once. After that, the same list automatically appears in the Clustering dialog of the other Filr appliances in the cluster.

  3. Enable high-availability searching and add both Filr Search appliances to each Filr appliance.

    Figure 4-13 illustrates that the first Filr appliance is connected to both Filr Search appliances for high availability (HA) searching.

    Figure 4-13 Connecting All of the Filr Appliances to Both Filr Search Appliances

    1. In the left frame, click Search Appliance.

    2. For the Configuration Type, select High Availability, type the Lucene User Password that you set in Step 5, then click Add.

    3. Type an arbitrary name for the second search node, specify its DNS host name, then click OK.

    4. Click OK.

    5. Click Reconfigure Filr Server.

    6. In contrast with Step 2, the list of Filr Search appliances is not propagated to each appliance.

      Repeat from Step 3 for the other Filr appliances in the cluster.

  4. When all of the Filr appliances in the cluster have completed the reconfiguration process, continue with Completing the Cluster Setup.