3.0 Planning the Conversion of Cluster Resources

In addition to changing the operating system, the software and file systems for various clustered services must also be considered in your conversion from NetWare 6.5 to Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2. This section provides an overview of the NetWare 6.5 services and their counterparts in OES 2 SP3. Before you begin a conversion, ensure that your system meets the general requirements and caveats described in this section.

Converting cluster resources for OES 2 services from NetWare to Linux might require more than a simple cluster migration from a NetWare node to a Linux node. For example, the service might require that you use Migration Tool to convert the service to Linux. Some services require post-conversion configuration to finalize the conversion. A few services on NetWare are not available on OES 2 Linux, so you must use the standard Linux service instead.

See Table 3-1 for information about converting cluster resources for NetWare 6.5 SP8 services:

Table 3-1 Guidelines for Converting Service Cluster Resources from NetWare to Linux

Service on NetWare 6.5 SP8

Cluster Migrate the Resource

Converting the Service to OES 2 Linux

Apache Web Server


See Section 7.0, Apache HTTP Server.

Apple Filing Protocol



See Section 6.0, Novell AFP.

Archive and Version Services

No, but you can migrate the database

See Section 8.0, Novell Archive and Version Services.


(Windows File Services)


See Section 10.0, Novell CIFS.


(Distributed File Services volume location database)


See Section 11.0, Novell Distributed File Services VLDB.

DHCP Server


See Section 12.0, DHCP Server.

DNS Server


See Section 13.0, DNS Server.


Not clustered, but requires special handling

See Section 2.8, Converting Nodes that Contain the eDirectory Master Replica.

eDirectory Certificate Server

Not clustered, but requires special handling

The Certificate Authority (CA) service is not cluster-enabled for NetWare or OES 2 Linux. There are no cluster-specific tasks for the CA itself.

The Server Certificate service issues Server Certificate objects that might need to reside on each node in a cluster, depending on the service that is clustered. NetWare and Linux generate certificates differently, so the NetWare server’s certificate is not reused for the OES 2 Linux server.

See Section 9.0, eDirectory Server Certificates.

exteNd Application Server and MySQL

Not applicable

The exteNd Application Server was discontinued as an install option for NetWare 6.5 SP3. It is not available for Linux.

See also MySQL in this table.



Use the Pure-FTPd service for Linux.

For information, see Novell FTP (Pure-FTPd) and OES 2 in the OES 2 SP3: Planning and Implementation Guide.


No, but you can migrate the settings and data

Novell iFolder 2.1x is not available on OES 2 Linux. You must use Novell iFolder 3.x.

After you add a Novell iFolder 3.x server to the NetWare cluster and before you finalize the cluster conversion, use iFolder migration procedures to migrate the iFolder 2.1x server configuration and user data from the source NetWare node to the target Linux node. For information, see Migrating iFolder Services in the Novell iFolder 3.8 Administration Guide.



See Section 14.0, Novell iPrint.



Use the MySQL 5.0.x software on OES2 Linux that is offered under the GPL.

See Section 15.0, MySQL.


Not tested

Clustering the NetStorage service is supported for OES 2 SP1 Linux and later.

For information, see Configuring NetStorage with Novell Cluster Services in the OES 2 SP3: NetStorage Administration Guide.



Use standard NFS service for Linux.

QuickFinder (Server Synchronization Feature)

No, but you can migrate the settings and data

You must create a new cluster resource. QuickFinder 5.0.x is supported only on OES 2 Linux. NetWare uses QuickFinder 4.2.0. QuickFinder does not support any automated procedure or scripts for a rolling upgrade from Netware to Linux.

Instead of converting the resource, you can migrate the settings from NetWare after you set up a QuickFinder resource on Linux.

See Section 16.0, QuickFinder Server.

NSS pools and volumes


See Section 17.0, Novell Storage Services Pools.



Use the Novell Tomcat service for Linux.