3.3 OES 2 SP3

3.3.1 Overall Migration

  • The credentials on the target server are automatically populated when the source and target server are in the same tree.

  • In Email Notification, the mail interval for error notification and the address in the From field can be specified. For more information, see Section 2.1.3, Mail Notification.

  • The partially restored or 0 byte files can be deleted by using migfiles.

3.3.2 File System Migration

  • Migration can now be performed for DST volumes.

  • The successfully migrated files are logged in the filesystem.success.log file.

  • In the file system GUI, under File Options, an option has been added to ignore the quotas that are set on the target server.

3.3.3 iPrint Migration

  • Capability to migrate without prompting for target Driver Store and Print Manager

    The Target Print Manager field is populated with the name of the Active Print Manager running on the target server. If the driver store is running, the Target Driver Store DN field is populated with the Driver Store associated with the PSM object.

  • Automation of manual checks in iPrint migration.